Friday, March 27, 2015

Podcaster cowl

I'll be seeing my in-laws this weekend and decided a few days ago to knit something for my mother-in-law.  I decided to use some Patons DK Superwash in Magenta that I had in the stash.  Perfect choice since she likes bright colors. 

I also thought she would get use out of a cowl and decided that the Podcaster Cowl would be perfect for my yardage.  My goal was to get two total repeats of the chart, which I did with a little bit of yarn to spare.

The first repeat of the leaf design was a little time consuming, but then I figured out the pattern and cruised along.  It is a very intuitive chart, but only if you can read your knitting.   The cowl was initially pretty close to the neck, but it blocked larger and with a lovely drape.

Susan Ashcroft, the designer of this pattern, has many other cowl patterns that look beautiful.  Many of them are on my must knit list - just need more knitting time! 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Project 365: Week 12

March 19 ~ Glass flower
March 20 ~ Knitting break
March 21 ~ About to cook Walkabout Tacos for scouts
March 22 ~ Ripe strawberries
March 23 ~ Snowy spring day out my front door
March 24 ~ Picking out yarn for road trip 
March 25 ~ Invasion of the geese

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Project 365: Week 11

March 12 ~ Gerber daisy
March 13 ~ First bike ride of the year
March 14 ~ Favorite snack
March 15 ~ Out of control sock yarn stash (over 150 skeins)
March 16 ~ Evening walk after warm March day
March 17 ~ St. Patrick's Day 
March 18 ~ Relax, Man!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Relax, Man!

My husband doesn't really ask me to knit him anything.  Every so often, he tells me he wouldn't mind a running hat in a dark and neutral color.  So boring.  In his mind, only dark brown, dark blue, dark gray, or black are the possible choices.  I bought some yarn during a Cyber Monday sale last year that I decided would be marked for his hat and it wasn't at all boring.

The yarn is Hawthorne by Knitpicks in the St. Johns colorway.  The yarn felt a little dry while I was knitting, but it softened after a soak.  Maybe some of the dryness I felt was just the tight twist.  I wanted to knit a masculine hat that wasn't straight stockinette or ribbing.  I stumbled across the Relax, Man pattern and it was perfect - it calls for sport weight yarn, but the fingering yarn worked fine.

I did use smaller needles than called for and did not make the hat as slouchy.  It looks quite slouchy on my son in the photos, but it fits my husband just slightly looser than a beanie style hat.

As for yarn buying, I have stuck to my goal of knitting more yards than what I buy.  I bought my first skein of yarn this year when I was at a knitting retreat last week.  What yarn grabbed my attention enough for me to add it to the slowly dwindling stash?  

This is Trekking XXL in the Kunterbunt colorway.  I also came home with some beautiful Quince and Co. Finch in Belize that was a gift in the goody bag from the retreat.  

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Project 365: Week 10

March 5 ~Sunset off the deck
March 6 ~ Attempting to launch a rocket
March 7 ~ Daughter in Hard Knock Life
March 8 ~ Son finishing my birthday cake
March 9 ~ Daughter's flowers from Annie performance
March 10 ~ Birthday roses from a friend
March 11 ~ Melting Fox River

Friday, March 6, 2015

Project 365: Week 9

February 26 ~Blueberry muffins
February 27 ~ Self portrait in black & white
February 28 ~ Dried floral arrangement
March 1 ~ Whimsy Kerchief for orphan costume
March 2 ~ Son building a rocket for a merit badge
March 3 ~ Iced over window
March 4 ~ Winter sunset

Monday, March 2, 2015

Tube Socks & Whimsy Kerchief

My 9 year old daughter is loving hand knits lately.  So, I guess it is no surprise that my last two projects have been for her - I selfishly love the attention and interest she throws my way when I am furiously knitting away.

First up are some tube socks knit out of Happy Hands Yarn Toe Jamz .  I bought this yarn many years ago at my first fiber festival.  My mom tagged along with me and helped me select the color.  Once I got home, the blue just seemed too bright for me.  However, my daughter loved the bright blue when I recently pulled this yarn out of its spot deep in the stash.

I have knit socks for the kids before, but they outgrow the socks before pills barely appear.  Hopefully, these tube socks will fit her for many years and they will be retired because they are worn out - not too small.

In addition, I decided to knit my daughter a Whimsy Kerchief as part of a costume.  She is in a production of Annie next week that requires her to look prim & proper for one role and messy & drab (orphan) for another role.

We thought tying a kerchief on her head would be a good solution when having to look the part of an orphan.  The yarn used is Paton's Classic Merino in Plum Heather  I think this kerchief would look even better knit in a brighter color and a cotton blend for the summer time.