Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Zigzagular Socks

I am quite happy with my Zigzagular Socks.

The yarn is pretty and the zig-zag cable is pretty sharp, but what makes me smile the most is a part nobody will ever see - the heels.  I tried two new things on the heels.  The first was the Double Gusset Heel by Cristi Payne.  It hugs my heel so comfortably and I will be using this gusset over and over in the future.

Double Gusset on Bottom of Foot

Second, I decided to carry a mohair/silk blend yarn with the heel for strength.  I heard about using Rowan Kid Silk Haze for this, but decided to go with a less expensive option: Knit Picks Aloft.  Carrying the second strand required a little more work when doing the heel (cutting yarn when knitting the instep), but worth it if it provides more protection against holes.

Hairy Heel, but Strong!

The Highland Handmades yarn is quite variegated, but still doesn't obscure the zig-zag cable running down the foot.  I have knit so many sock patterns, but I have found very few that I would knit twice.  This is probably one of my favorites - so easy, but not boring.  

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  1. Hi Kelly-Ann. Just found your blog. I really like the notes you added to your project about the reinforcing yarn. I blow through heels so quickly and I appreciate the tips. Really pretty.