Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Day Zero

Over 7 years ago, I learned to knit and quickly became addicted.  Very soon after that, I also found that I enjoyed taking photos of my knitting and it sparked an interest in photography.   Fast forward to today and I have found that I am taking less photos each year and my knitting has sprouted a yarn buying habit.  

I have decided to start the new year off by embarking on the 365 project where you take a photo everyday.  Also, I want to knit more from my yarn stash and change my hobby back to knitting, not buying yarn.  Since I am realistic...I will still buy yarn, but more has to leave the stash than goes into it.  

I am starting this blog to help me stay accountable to my photography and knitting goals.  I will be posting weekly summaries of my daily photos as well as progress on my knitting projects.  

Happy 2015!

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